In this page you will find in detail how to perform the most common operations on

How to deposit, how to withdraw and specific deposit procedures for TRON Tokens / Waves Tokens and much more.

Following the instructions will make it easy for you to use our service without making mistakes.

The TRON and Waves BlockChain Tokens (NO WAVES) use our own deposit system that takes data directly from the blockchain. the procedure is simple and must be done in this way:

1: Go to bottom of balance page and click the link to lock address:

2: Add your TRON or Waves Address where Deposit coming from and click ADD Address:

3: Now you can deposit your Tokens by click on deposit page on a Token want to deposit Row:

4: Find your Deposit Hash on, copy it using the copy icon on side of HashID:

Paste on Deposit Page Form and Submit.

System give you an instant response, and if transaction is confirmed balance is updated instant.

You are done with our Deposit System!


Coin show only deposit address without any specified instructions is fully automated, and need just to send coin to it, and wait deposit is confirmed by network and added to your balance.

more tutorials coming soon.................