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CMSH Payout Page for Logged Users HERE!

CMSH Dividends Start 10 March 2019!

Start Price = 10 CRYT for 1 CMSH
MAX SUPPLY = 10 Million CMSH.

Get the Fees of trading by keeping CMSH in your budget!
Mining is too expensive and unprofitable, so we decided to distribute the trading commissions (0.1% Buy and Sell) to users who have CMSH in their Balance.

The CMSH will be maximum 10 million, every user who has 1000 CMSH is active to receive commissions.
Each completed purchase or sale order generates commissions, if these are equal to or greater than 0.00010000 are divided into 10,000 packages and credited to the balance sheet.

Practical example:
A trade generates 1 CRYT commission.
this 1 CRYT is divided by 10000 and sent to the eligible users, ie they have 1000 CMSH in their budget, (CMSH on Open Orders are not counted).
So for this order every user who has 1000 CMSH receives 0.0001 CRYT.
If a user has 100,000 CMSH in his budget, he will receive 100 * 0.0001 CRYT accordingly.

This applies to every order of all open markets.

Which coin do I receive?
The coins are based on the type of order and the type of market.
For example, if a purchase order is placed on the CRYT/BTC market the commission will be in BTC,
if a sales order is placed on the CRYT/BTC market the commission will be in CRYT.

This applies to all markets.

How often do I receive commissions?

The system processes completed orders every 15 minutes and sends commissions to users.
The greater the volume and the number of orders, the greater the dividends sent to CMSH holders.

Every 15 MINUTES!

*CMSH are not withdrawable!