Mining into Shares with Dividends

10 CRYT for 1 CMSH - MAX CMSH 10 Million.

Mining Payout Start when 70% of CMSH have been sold.

*CMSH are not withdrawable!

How does it work?
Every user can buy and sell Shares, Market "CMSH".
Each CMSH will give a daily payout (BTC).

How do we get the revenue from the users?
We have a location where we will install the Miners, selecting the best when at least 70% of the CMSH are sold.
The revenue from the Mining, removed the expenses will be divided according to the number of CMSH that each user has purchased.
In addition, any user can buy or sell their CMSHs in the CMSH / CRYT market at any time.
Open orders guarantee daily payment from mining.

How are Payout credited?
Daily Payout will be credited to the User BTC Balance.
Market and costs:
The market value start for 10 CRYT/1 CMSH on the CMSH/CRYT market.
After Mining Payout is started, the Market Price will then be decided by the users on the appropriate Trading Market.


From our experience we know that miners become unprofitable, so we will select the best with a high yield and a long life, and we will have a reserve available to replace them and continue mining as long as possible.


We will make the total proceeds from the pre-sale of the CMSH.
With this total will be purchased profitable Miner and placed in our Mining Farm, already installed and ready.

Practical example:
We received $ 50,000 from the sale of CMSHs.
We buy Miners that produce $ 250 a day, net of power costs.

the 250 $ will be exchanged in Bitcoin and divided among all CMSH owners without orders opened in the market.
The exchange will be daily before sending payments.
Payments every 24 hours.

If a user has 100,000 CMSH and the payment for 1 CMSH is 1 satoshi, the user receives 100,000 satoshi every day.