CRYT Forging
CRYT Mining (Forging) Allow Holders to Stake CRYT and Find Blocks.
Follow the Steps to Lease your Balance for next 65535 Blocks.
System give a Fixed Daily Mining Payout to 1 CRYT with or without Find a Blocks with Transactions Fees on it.

1. Lease Balance

Leasing your Balance to one Account Forging on Random Official Nodes.
You can use your CRYT without any restrictions, System Send 1 CRYT Every Day until Lease is Finished

After Lease is Finished, just need to re-submit it.
Remember, you also forge with launching and keep online local node to support network.

2. Remember (important)

For Support CRYT Blockchain, click 1 Banner only 1 time/day, need only 2 seconds of your time for help us. Thank You

3. Compile the Form and Submit Request

Your Passphrase:

Your CRYT Address:

Select Forging Address to Lease your Balance:


Type-> 1413

4. All done!

Share the CRYT Blockchain to all your Friends. Thank You

Active Forgers and Leasing Address

User Address Miner Address Lease End Block

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