CRYT Forging
CRYT Mining (Forging) Allow Holders to Stake CRYT and Find Blocks.
Follow the Steps to Lease your Balance for next 65535 Blocks.
System Pay 0.000001 CRYT/Day for every "1" CRYT Staked, with or without Find a Blocks with Transactions Fees on it.

1. Lease Balance

Leasing your Balance to one Account Forging on Random Official Nodes.
You can use your CRYT without any restrictions, System Pay Every Day until Lease is Finished

After Lease is Finished, just need to re-submit Lease Request.
Remember, you also forge with launching and keep online local node to support network.

2. Remember (important)

For Support CRYT Blockchain, click 1 Banner only 1 time/day, need only 2 seconds of your time for help us. Thank You

3. Compile the Form and Submit Request

Your Passphrase:

Your CRYT Address:

Select Forging Address to Lease your Balance:


Type-> 8170

4. All done!

Share the CRYT Blockchain to all your Friends. Thank You

Active Forgers and Leasing Address

User Address Miner Address Lease End Block CRYT Staked

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