Trading Fees

Trading: 0.1% trading fee. (only on BUY Orders).
Deposit: 0.5% fee. ( Fees for Hosted Wallets).
Deposit TRX and TRC10 Tokens: 0% fee.
Deposit Bank Wire and Paypal: Net Received.
Withdrawal: Withdrawal fees are regularly adjusted according to blockchain conditions. Please read more below.

Coin Listing Fees

How to have your own coin on
To have your currency in our Exchange read the necessary requests.
- Our Exchange supports all coins over, the complete list can be found HERE.
- We also support all the coins in the TRON blockchain. (TRC10)
-> Send Coin Listing request to: with this details:
1: Coin Full name - 2: Coin Ticker - 3: Official Website - 4: CryTrEx UserID - 5: Tronscan Link (for TRC10 Tokens) - 6: Tronscan Contract Link (for TRC20 Tokens)