Frequently Asked Questions

The Trade section allows users to exchange coins with the USD wallet and vice versa.
Using the market price, the exchange is immediate, while with the Limit Order, it is possible to set the price at which you want to sell or buy, and the system will process the order when the price reaches the request.
All coins are supported.

Power Fees is an internal Balance where User pay Mining Fees from here and receive Net Amount of Coin Mined based on Active Mining Plan.
On Deposit page is just a Simple and fast requesto to move Wallet $ Balance to Power Fees balance, without any Commissionst.

Every Payout from Mining, Power Fees will be deducted from balance.

For transfer we can give some extra Bonus based on amount user move to Power Fees Balance.

Your Dashboard contains a support system through tickets, our Staff will answer the tickets directly, and therefore there will be no type of email exchange, only respond to tickets where we will solve possible problems.

This system is fast and simple as well as immediate for quick resolution.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold, usually very low, you can request the withdrawal of your coins in the wallet of your liking, which you will have to set up in advance in your dashboard.

Withdrawals are automatic in most cases, even if our staff monitors requests and usually requests are completed within the next 24 hours.

We care about the safety of our users and the integrity of the system.

All transactions are visible in your dashboard, from deposits to withdrawals and all transactions from mining and purchasing mining plans.
Nothing hidden.
In addition, in the dashboard you also see the earnings forecasts, which are updated every day by the system, to always have a general picture of the revenue.

Mining pays in cryptocurrency.

As soon as you enter the dashboard, you can go to the deposit page.
1) Select the deposit method among those available.
2) Complete the payment.
3) Your deposit is available in your USD Balance Sheet, and you can use it to purchase one of the Available mining plans.

Each plan has its own characteristics, and it undermines a different currency, the gain will be added to your account with that currency.

We currently support 8 different Coins, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Litecoin etc. more coming soon..

When you have selected the plan you like, also select the duration and power you want to buy, then you can proceed with the purchase.
Once the staff has verified your request, it will be approved and you will receive the first payment within the next 24 hours.

Mining payments are daily, 7 days a week and will expire at the end of the period you have purchased.

Once you enter the dashboard, you can activate 2-factor authentication with Google Authenticator.
This will make your account 2 times more secure.

We also remind you to set a password that is difficult to find to increase security and prevent unauthorized access.

Simple, register and verify your email address.
Once done, your profile will be active and you can enter your dashboard.


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