Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, check if your question is answered here.

Q: How do I register?
A: By clicking on Register, and entering the 3 required fields. Within a few minutes you will receive an email with the login password.

Q: After register did not I receive the password??
A: You can reset it from here, and follow the link that arrives in email.

Q: How do I log in?
A: By clicking on Login, then entering your email address during registration, and the password received.

Q: How do I put my profile safe?
A: The best solution is to activate 2-factor verification with Google Authenticator. You can activate on the Security page after logging in.
Google 2FA is required for withdrawal.

Q: How can I deposit?
A:You can deposit Crypto, using the addresses you can generate on the Crypto Addresses page, for the supported coins.
For unsupported coins, find the options available on the depositing page.
For Dollars, Euros and Rubles, you can deposit via Payeer, which supports over 100 deposit options.

Q: Are Deposits Automatic?
A: Deposits through generated addresses are automated, and after the transaction has been confirmed they are credited to the profile.
Deposits through Payeer require verification of our staff.
Coins with manual transactions and CPS Coin need to send your deposit information using the contact us page.

Q: How can I withdraw?
A: On the withdrawal page, you can request the withdrawal of the crypto and fiat.
Paying attention when entering the address.

Q: Withdrawals are automatic?
A: As for deposits, the coins that can generate the deposit address have the automated withdrawal.
Except for Coin CPS and coins with manual deposit.
Staff verification is required for Payeer.

Q: If a deposit or withdrawal is not done, what can I do?
A: Just contact us, indicating all the necessary details, your email, currency, transaction number.
The Staff will check and process the transaction manually.

Q: Is centralized?
A: No, we are a decentralized exchange.

Q: With which coins can I exchange?
A: All coins can be exchanged for any combination.
Only dollars, euros and rubles can not be exchanged between them.

Q: Why can not I enter a price lower than 0.01 with fiat?
A: Our system requires that currencies dollars, euros and rubles, can have only 2 decimals, so the minimum price available is 0.01.

Q: What is the CPS direct deposit on the deposit page?
A: To solve the problem of manual deposits for Coin CPS, we have added this option which makes them automatic. just enter the amount and follow the instructions, sending the exact amount that appears. in this way, after receiving the deposit, it is automatically inserted into the profile.