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This page contains the services and exchanges where you can buy and sell CRYT.

*These services are third-party, and we assume no responsibility in this regard.

**If your service supports CRYTs, let us know by sending an e-mail to:

DEX on CRYT Blockchain

Assets DEX

Blockchain Software

You can buy and sell CRYT directly from the exchange in the blockchain, or in the DEX on this website.
both in the assets page and in the monetary system.

* Attention, check the assets you intend to buy and sell before doing any transaction, or check which ones are on the Stats page or on the deposit page of this website.

Wallet Service since 2013

CRYT is accepted on, as a payment system accepted using the Coinpayments platform.



Exchange Service Info and Review

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Official Trade

At the moment the CRYTs are supported as Portfolio in our Trading service @
In the future it will be possible to buy them and sell them here too.

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