What is CRYT Email Marketing?
How does it work?

CRYT Email marketing offers 2 services to promote your currency, your service or your product.

Service 1: We send your promotional message to our list of email addresses with our server.
1 message created by you and sent to our mailing list.

Service 2: We offer access to our mailing list management software, with the best features available to manage your promotional campaign via email.

Service 1:

CRYT Mail Direct
We manage your Newsletter

Sending guaranteed to 256,106 users.
1 Newsletter/week, first order first served.
Sending newsletter take around 7/10 days.
Full report at the end of sending the campaign.
Web Version of the newsletter, and Geo Location for Open Emails.

Order at the bottom of this page.

Service 2:

CRYT Mail Marketing Software
Manage everything yourself

This service offers a dedicated website where you can register and deal personally with all the promotional marketing campaigns you need.

Use our webserver to start sending your Email Marketing Campaign.

Click the link below, register and immediately begin to discover the features of our service!

Go to CRYT Mail Marketing Website
Service 1 Direct Order
How to Order:

Click Pay using Coinpayments to Pay. (79.99 $)

Only CRYT/BTC/DGB is accepted

* If you pay with other coins, your order will be canceled and the coins will be lost.

After payment is completed, send us an email to crytmail@crytrex.com with:
1: Coinpayments Transaction ID
2: Your message/text need to sent to our newsletter.

1 Newsletter: 79.99$

Our Team reply with all info or request required to send the newsletter.

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