REST API Documentation

Welcome to the REST API documentation.
This API (Application Programming Interface) will allow you to access the functionality of this exchange by means of HTTP requests, making integration with your own applications possible.

We are Building API for new Engine, and the following is the API availbale for now.

Public API Methods

These methods can be accessed without an account or API key.


Returns statistics about the current state of the exchange.



  • currency (string) - Three-letter currency code. Default is the above code, can change Market and Currency with one supported by the exchange.


  • bid (float) - Current bid price.
  • ask (float) - Current ask price.
  • last_price (float) - The price of the last transaction.
  • last_transaction_type (string) - The action performed by the taker (initiator) of the last transaction. Can be "BUY" or "SELL".
  • last_transaction_currency (string) - Three-letter currency code for the currency in which the last transaction took place.
  • daily_change (float) - The amount that the current price has fallen or risen from the last close.
  • daily_change_percent (float) - The percentage of the current price versus the last close.
  • max (float) - Today's maximum transaction price.
  • min (float) - Today's minimum transaction price.
  • open (float) - Today's open price (note: since the market is always open, it is also yesterday's close price).
  • total_btc_traded (int) - Total BTC transaction volume for the last 24 hours.
  • total_btc (int) - Total BTC in existance worldwide.
  • market_cap (int) - The global market cap of Bitcoin.
  • trade_volume (int) - Global trade volume for Bitcoin.
  • request_currency (string) - The currency in which this information is presented.


Gives Trading Pairs response.



  • market (string) - The currency code.
  • currency (string) - The market code.
  • IsActive (string) - The market status.